Chelmsford Star – Co-operative

The Chelmsford Star- The Co-operative at the heart of essex is helping raise funds for us!


Produce a Community Card every time you shop with Chelmsford Star Co-operative and raise money!



The Healing Bus have partnered with Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society to help us raise needed funds.



They have supplied us with a number of ‘Community Cards’ free of charge, which we are handing out to our supporters. These cards are shown when making purchases in their stores, and they earn us points. There are some exclusions (PayPoint, Lottery, vouchers, currency, tobacco, petrol and stamps), but all other purchases qualify.



The Community Card can be used in any of the Chelmsford Star Co-opeative branches. They have 39 food stores, 2 quadrant department stores, 7 Funeral offices, 2 Travel centres and a petrol station.



Every quarter, Chelmsford Star will send us a statement telling us what our supporters have raised. We can withdraw these funds at any time to spend on whatever we chose. Chelmsford Star will then donate an additional 50% of the total as a ‘thank you’ card contribution!



We need help from as many supporters as possible to raise the money we need. This is a simple ‘rewards’ card, and will cost you nothing.

If you feel that you could help us by using one of these cards, please contact us on 01245 264164 and will send you a free card!