Activity Calendar for 2017/18

Marina will be Speaking, singing and sometimes Leading Worship at various events throughout the year. Please have a look at the following Facebook pages – Marina Bottali PriceThe Healing Bus Group and Marina Bottali Price Speaker Singer Songwriter for all regular weekly updates.

The following dates have been booked.


  • 20th November 2017 2-3pm @URC Halstead Ladies Meeting 
  • 26th November 2017 10.30 to 12pm @ North Springfield Baptist Church
  • 30th November 2017 2.30 to 3.45pm @ South Woodham Ferries Evangelical Church – Ladies Meeting
  • 21th December 2017 Ardtully Residential  Home Service


  • 7th January 10 – 12pm @Tollesbury Congregational Church 
  • 14th January  10.30-12pm @ Corringham Baptist Church 
  • 26th January  7.30-9.30 In His Presence Service @ North Springfield Baptist Church
  • 18th February  10-11.30 @ URC Little Waltham 
  • 23rd February  7.30-9.30pm In His Presence Meeting @North Springfield Baptist Church