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The Healing Bus working with the GoodNews Church in Harold Hill

The Healing Bus working with the GoodNews Church


In November 2014, Pastor Niyi from The GoodNews Church in Harold Hill contacted us and invited The Healing Bus team to join his church in prayer and do an outreach in the Harold Hill area. We met at the church, prayed and then visited the Hilldene shops in Harold Hill. Since then, we have continued to ‘outreach’ in Harold Hill, normally once a month on the Thursday. Sometimes will visit people on the estate, by door-to-door and other times we go back to the main shopping area, but wherever we go we offer to pray for people, share a personal testimony and give out information that can change peoples lives when they surrender themselves to God.


Recently, whilst on our monthly outreach, we noticed a person that seemed to be in a confused state, and after talking to her for a while she agreed to let us pray for her. Later that day she invited Jesus to take control of her life. Another person’s soul has been saved, all because she decided to ask Jesus into her life. Likewise, Christians should go through life with their eyes fixed on Jesus as their guide.

Let us… run with endurance the race that lies before us, looking steadfastly on Jesus the leader and completer of faith Hebrews 12:1-2 (Derby Translation).

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Prayer Outreach in Harold Hill

Prayer Outreach in Harold Hill 2Prayer Outreach in Harold Hill 3

Reuben in Harold Hill