Jackie’s Testimony

How Jesus changed my Life

I became a Christian many years ago. It was my doctor who told me that I needed God in my life! I had gone to see her because I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t content with my life, and I felt depressed. I had a husband and two lovely daughters, and yet I felt that something was missing in my life. So, I told my doctor how I felt, and after listening to me she said; ‘You need God in your life’! This answer stunned me, and then I said, ‘You don’t mean going to church and all that do you’. Not necessarily she said. Good, I thought. She then offered to come to my house the following Sunday afternoon. When she arrived she had written some scriptures on a piece of paper and she read them out to me. (my husband and children went upstairs, out of the way). After a while she suggested that I might like to go to church that she knew. I was apprehensive, but I said the church she suggested was on a big one on my estate. That was a bit daunting, so I just said, what about the other one nearby which was much smaller. Anyway, the next Sunday evening she came to pick me up. I was nervous and felt awkward. Anyway we went to church and some songs were sung and then Communion came around. I didn’t know what to do, so I just copied what other people were doing. Then the minister spoke. At that point something was happening to me. I felt the minister was talking about me and my life! This made me feel funny inside, and I started to think that my doctor had told him all about me! I got quite annoyed about this, but didn’t say anything to her. I kept going to the church and a lovely couple there befriended me. One night they took me to a meeting in a village. There was a speaker who was from Australia, and at the end of his preaching he said,’If you want Jesus in your life, come forward’. I wanted to go, but didn’t, because I guess I was still unsure about all this God stuff. Anyway, one night in bed, I was desperate and said to God, ‘If you are real, please come into my life’. The next morning I woke up and felt different, everything was brighter and I felt wonderful, uplifted and excited. At the time I was in a football and darts team, and they all saw the change in me, and asked ‘What has happened to me’. I told them how much better I felt about my life knowing Jesus was changing me, and helping me cope with life in a way that only He can. And I know He will always be with me, leading and guiding me along the path He has for me. He can do the same for you too. Jackie