Jan’s Testimony

How Jesus changed my Life

Jan Collins “Before”

Jan Collins “After”


I’m really excited about giving my testimony, as this is an opportunity to share, my other life before I became a Christian, My life in Christ. Going back to my teens, I was quiet and shy; I would lie back on my bed, and wonder why I was on this planet? I ‘d heard very little about a God who loved me! As 16 year old, I feltperfect in everything, however I realized that I couldn’t be perfect, as a result I suffered from Anorexia, I controlled the food in take, that was my way of controlling situations, I wend down to under six stone. My Dad took me to the doctor, and thankfully it was “nipped in the bud”
I married and had my first child, when I gazed upon him the next day; I thought there must be something! However still trying to fill a void inside, and surrounding myself with material things, I strived to fill this emptiness! God was always there; I thought I was a Christian! I was to later learn that I needed to ask Jesus right into my life. Somebody made time to tell me about Jesus, and that’s what I pray for, that God gives me opportunities, it certainly has been a life changing experience, and continues to be.
He has given us his only son “Jesus” and if we choose to believe and ask him into our life, then he promises to come in. Jesus came to set the Captives free, and bind the broken hearted, he “heals and restores,” and by his grace, we can live life as God would have wanted. Our heavenly Father didn’t intend us to plough through life on our own. Through trusting Jesus I’ve been set free from antidepressants, weight problem, and low self esteem. Without knowing Jesus, life has no purpose!

I know the resurrection power of Jesus in my life, I pray that you will too. Praise Jesus.

Jan C.