Paul’s Testimony

How Jesus changed my Life

I didn’t want to become a Christian. I wanted to be popular. To be like my friends. None of “the in-crowd” were Jesus people. In fact, they would greatly enjoy mocking anyone who was connected to Jesus in the Church. At 14 years of age, I was sent on a camping holiday with some friends, not realising it was a youth camp run by Church people. Shocked, I made sure I kept with the “in-crowd” of unbelievers and did my best to be a disruptive and difficult, in order to win their approval. My plan was to make the best of the holiday and, at the end of the week, return home unchanged.

But God had other plans for me. He knew that for sometime I had been disturbed by some of the “big questions of Life” e.g. How did we (humans) come into being? Was there a purpose to life? Does it all end when you die, or is there an afterlife? Troubled by the possibility of having to, one day, give an account of the way I had lived my life, knowing that I had already become a thief and a compulsive liar. Each evening the whole camp came together to sing and to hear messages from the Bible, mostly about Jesus. Much of this was familiar from Sunday School and RI lessons at school, but I was feeling disturbed by more difficult questions:

  • What if Jesus really was the Son of God? He was certainly special!
  • What if I really would have to answer to Him?
  • What if Heaven and Hell were real?

These questions had massive implications for my life and future. Then I heard that Jesus had promised “Ask and it shall be given you; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened to you “. I had to give it a try, to find out if it was true. Towards the end of the week I quietly slipped out of one of the meetings and privately prayed, something like this:

Dear Lord, you know I am not at all sure about these things, but if you are real, I do need you in my life. I am really sorry for the way I have lived it up to now, and I ask you for another chance to get it right. So if you are real, please come into my life and help me to be your follower.

True to His word, life started to change for me from that point forward. I became aware of God in my life. I found I was able to overcome the urges to steal and tell lies, and even to stand against the ridicule of my friends. This was the beginning of a new and much better life for me. All that was over 50 years ago, so I have proved it lasts! To tell you all the ways in which I have benefited from having Jesus in my life would easily fill a book. Maybe I’ll get to write it one day. Anyway, for now, the best advise I can possibly give you is let Jesus Christ into your life, as I did, so you too can enjoy all the benefits of the best friend anyone can have in this life and the next….JESUS.