About Marina

Marina waiting for ReubenI was born into an Italian family, all my grandparents were from Italy, but I spent most of my life in the UK. I’ve been a Christian since 1976, and am married to Nick. We have two children, Kerry and Reuben. Before I was married, I spent five years with Youth with a mission (YWAM) in England and Wales, mainly training in evangelism, leadership and prayer. I also spent three years with World Horizons based in South Wales; they are a prayer mission-based movement. I have also completed a counselling course with Barnabas Trust, too. I’ve spent many years as a worship leader; I’m a singer-songwriter with a powerful testimony of how God changed my life. I am often asked to speak, and have a prophetic edge when sharing, often bringing words from God before inviting people for prayer.


If you would like me to come and speak at your meeting or church, please contact me on 07887 527762.


Thank you, Marina.


E-mail: marinaprice@hotmail.co.uk




The Healing Bus Prayer Ministry




List of some of the places Marina has worked as a missionary, worship leader and a speaker.


  1. YWAM Outreach in Brighton, United Kingdom
  2. YWAM Outreach in Scotland
  3. YWAM Outreach in Ireland & Republic of Ireland
  4. Outreach in Spain
  5. Leading Worship and Preaching in France
  6. Leading Worship in Tower Hamlets Community Church
  7. Outreach in Athens, Greece
  8. Outreach in Istanbul, Turkey
  9. Outreach in Greenwich, London
  10. Outreach in Lodz, Poland
  11. Leading worship in Chelmsford Community Church
  12. Leading Worship Elim Church, Ingatestone
  13. Leading Worship and Preached at Souling & Healing Chelmsford
  14. Leading Worship and Preached at Praise & Worship Chelmsford
  15. Preached at Mayland Baptist Church
  16. Preached at Elim Ingatestone
  17. Preached at Elim Braintree
  18. Preached at Elim Maldon
  19. Preached at North Springfield Baptist Church
  20. Preached at Women’s Aglow International meetings at Sudbury, Colchester and St. Ives.
  21. Preached at The Good News Church – Harold Hill
  22. Preached at Christ Church – Coggleshall
  23. Preached at URC Church – Halstead
  24. Preached at URC Church – Danbury
  25. Preached at URC Church – Chelmsford
  26. Preached at The Kingsland Church – Tiptree
  27. Preached at The Newington Free Church – Ramsgate
  28. Preached at The Tollesbury Congregational Church
  29. Preached at Corringham Baptist Church
  30. Leading Worship in the ‘In His Presence’ Meetings at North Springfield Baptist Church