What is the Prayer Chair?

Prayer Chair with Anne


The prayer chair is a safe place where anyone can come to experience God’s love, truth and peace. Quite literally, it’s just a chair set-up in the busyness of everyday life (usually in the street), to offer people the chance to come and sit, be still, and know that God is real, and experience His amazing love for them. Jesus promises in the Bible that we might have life to the full (John 10:10), and the prayer chair offers this reality in a number of ways.  

For Example:
  • Inner healing from things that have happened in the past
  • Encouraging words about your true identity
  • Destiny words for the future about the good plans God has for you
  • Freedom from anything else that is oppressing you
  • Personal encounter and continued relationship with God
  • Friendship with genuine people who intend to love with no strings attached


Who runs the Prayer Chair?


A number of different people from a variety of different churches and ministries run the prayer chairs across the South East of England. Ultimately, leadership and decision-making is yielded to the Holy Spirit in all areas of the ministry. But Marina Price had a personal vision of a Prayer Chair about two years ago and only now has she felt it the right time to commence this part of the outreach which is an extention of the healing bus ministry.