Karen’s testimony

How Jesus changed my Life


My name is Karen and I was born in Birmingham. Im the oldest of 10 and was bullied at school. I was into film stars like Clint Eastwood which was one of my favourites. When I was a teenager I used to have a lot of headaches and my mum took me to this doctor and I explained to the doctor about my fascination with Clint Eastwood. He said that I shouldn’t think about him and other pop stars so much as it will make me ill. I even wanted to visit America and act in the incredible hulk with Bill Bixby. I wrote to a place called celebrity listings where they give you film stars agents details. I called Bill’s agent in America to talk to him. I used to phone from a telephone box and ring the operator and say I lost the money and they used to send me money by cheque which i used to ring up his agent but he said he wasn’t there. I even telephoned Universal Studios where the Incredible Hulk was filmed. My dad didn’t have a video at the time so I used my tape recorder and put it by the TV and everyone had to be quiet because of the recording, and then I used to listen and follow what took place in my head. I was also into fan clubs etc. One day I had a thought about having guitar lessons, so I went to the Birmingham Library and found a teacher but he said I have to have my own guitar so I left that and thought about singing lessons instead, so I did the same and my mum came with name to have a test. I passed and went to 3 different teachers as I wanted to be famous like my pop star friends. I was also into Status Quo and went to their concerts as well. I was in a fan club and I used to write to pen palsied this lady I was writing to called Jane gave me this other pen pal named Roger, he wrote to me as he was a Quo fan as well as a Christian. He shared with me how and what Jesus did for me on the cross. We went to a see a Christian band called Petra only because someone had dropped put and there was a spare ticket available. When I got there I was introduced to a couple and they asked me if I wanted to go to a meeting in a church in Halesowen. The Christian pop rock group with bible scriptures. Afterwards when I traveled on the bus home but I got off the wrong stop so I rang my friend who collected me. I could see bible sheets and scriptures hanging from the ceiling. On the 20th November 1994 they had a clip of Jesus of Nazareth on the cross. Afterwards I went out and asked about being a Christian and what it meant as I was challenged by the Lord. My friend read this tract this man (Jesus) taking all the rubbish, which is my sin away from my life. I then said the prayer in my own words, not on the tract. Afterwards I was so joyful and everybody was too praise God. I’m still leaning more about Jesus today. Karen