Our Founders

Nick & Marina

Nick became a Christian in 1998 after meeting a foreign language teacher also called “Nick”, who turned out to be a Christian! So Nick was led to the Lord by Nick’s namesake. Nick and Marina were married in 1998 and Nick was baptised in July 1999 at the Springfield Park Baptist Church. Nick runs a small wholesale business and also has a full CPC/PCV Drivers license, so he’s the one that drives our minibus! Nick’s favourite hobby is cycling as he says, “I love cycling especially with Marina as I need to keep fit especially if I’m with Marina because she goes like a rocket and I have trouble keeping up with her”! Anyway, you see so much more of the countryside on a bike than behind the wheel of a vehicle, plus I haven’t got to worry about finding a parking space. Nick’s and Marina have two grown up children, Kerry and Reuben.

Marina has been a Christian since 1976, and has worked in a Christian Children’s home, has traveled around Europe with YWAM (Youth with a mission), and World Horizons. For over 30 years her heart has been leading worship and moving in the prophetic ministry. She often hears from God with visions and words for people to encourage them to receive prayer.