Marina’s Testimony

How Jesus changed my Life


I was born in Leyton in the county of Essex, but all my family originate from the north of Italy.  On most days my Mother was drinking and was often drunk. My life was a total mess although I did not realise this until I became older. As a teenager I felt so desperate, dirty, and lonely with no one to talk to. I cried so many tears of pain and anguish on my pillow each night. I used to sit bolt upright in bed and was sweating with such fear and thinking that I will be going to hell because of all the bad things I had done. So numb with pain, I began to take the slippery downward path into drinking myself silly to squash down my unhappy life. I also tried taking drugs and was into lots of relationships with men, but nothing ever came from these because of a real emptiness and void in my life and none of these relationships filled up that deep ache and I longed to be loved. By the time I was 19, I felt that I couldn’t go on any longer like this, so in desperation I cried out to God for help.

It is hard for me to fully describe the depth and intimacy that became a part of my life. I was so enthusiastic about what had happened, that I began to tell other people too. After a few years, I felt God say…I want to use your life to reach others, and this is what’s been happening for over 35 years.

Jesus can make the difference in your life, as He has in mine. If we ask him into our lives, asking to forgive us of all our sins, we can know the freedom and healing that only Jesus can bring into our lives at any time, any place and anywhere. Just ask him.

Marina P.

Marina with her husband Nick are the founders and Trustees of The Healing Bus Charity