My Light in the Darkness


Marina has produced her first book… My Light in the Darkness.

We hope will find her book interesting reading. The title of the book was inspired by one of Marina’s songs on her CD A Very High Wall “You’ve been my light in the darkness

About My Light in the Darkness

Written from deep within my heart where there has been a reservoir of pain, Jesus has changed this pain with his healing. This is a book of hope and freedom. This is a book about knowing that Jesus can take a very broken and damaged life and change everything. As usual in this kind of book, I have changed names to protect my family and some close friends. I hope your life will be touched as you read what I have written. Marina 

You get Marina’s “My Light in the darkness” book  Please note: We post to UK addresses only and all books are sent by 2nd class post. If you would like to order Marina’s book My Light in the Darkness please use our contact form and will send you a copy. All we ask for is a donation to cover the cost of shipping. Thank you.